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Life can be challenging, and I am here to help you create better days.

We are here to help you to resolve emotional, psychological and relationship issues, improve your mental health and renew your sense of well-being in a supportive and safe space.

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In person & Online

Book a complimentary 20-minute consultation session to explore the possibility of counselling with us by emailing or calling us.

Our Services


Individual and Couples counselling


In-person counselling offers individuals the benefits of face-to-face interaction in a safe and confidential environment, allowing for a personalized and effective approach to your concerns

Individual and Couples counselling


Online counselling provides you with convenient access to secure/confidential and effective therapy from the comfort of your own home



Roya’s caring nature creates a safe space where her clients can freely express themselves while feeling fully supported and seen. She understands that facing life's challenges can be lonely and overwhelming. Therefore, she takes pride in being able to accompany her clients on their life journeys. Roya believe that one’s vulnerabilities are powerful sources of strength because gateways to self-discovery and personal empowerment to harness inner resilience.


Roya specializes in helping clients manage anxiety, depression, and chronic pain, as well as guiding them through significant life changes like immigration, marriage, and parenthood. Additionally, she supports couples in overcoming their relationship obstacles and developing healthy communication skills. Roya has a holistic approach and integrates CBT, DBT, and Gottman couple’s therapy. She values the significance of providing culturally sensitive care to every client, thus customizing her approach according to each individual's distinct cultural background.


Before becoming a counselor, Roya spent a decade as a psychiatric nurse, gaining valuable insight into various mental health conditions. Drawing from her background as a psychiatric nurse, she brings a wealth of experience and understanding to her practice. Her expertise extends to working with personality disorders and supporting families navigating the complexities of mental health challenges. Roya has found serving as a front-liner during some of the most challenging and most rewarding times of her. Therefore, understands the unique pressures and demands of health care workers and first responders and takes pride in supporting them in a counselling role.


Roya is a Canadian, Iranian/ Kurdish woman, who intimately understands the challenges faced by minorities, the struggles of navigating one’s identity, and the profound impact they can have on mental well-being. Roya have personally experienced significant life transitions such as immigration and motherhood. When she is not working, Roya is reading or listening to an audible book or podcast, and she enjoys baking and trying new recipes.


Roya provides services in English, Farsi, and Kurdish.


Specialties: Registered Clinical Counsellors, Individual Counselling, Couples Counselling

Approaches: Talk Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Trauma Informed CBT, Gottman Couples Therapy

Language: English, Farsi, and Kurdish.


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